Friday, April 18, 2008

Woman lies about rape to hide relations with man from boyfriend

An Alabama woman lied that she was raped to cover up relations with a man from her boyfriend. Investigators arrested 28-year-old Sharon Frost, of Intown Suites, and charged her with misdemeanor filing a false report after she said a man kidnapped her and raped her late Friday night and early Saturday morning. Frost was being held in the Barbour County Jail on a $5,000 bond. “It appears she just made it up,” Sheriff Leroy Upshaw said.

According to a previous Eagle report, Frost told authorities a man abducted her after he hid in her van while she prepaid for gasoline at a Eufaula service station on Friday, April 11. The man allegedly forced her to drive to a location on Barbour County Road 79 where he raped her. She also said the man forced her to drive him to Headland after the assault.

Frost also went to an area hospital for treatment, and an examination for a sexual assault. But sheriff’s investigators said medical officials found no evidence of a sexual assault.Morris said investigators with the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office and the Eufaula Police Department interviewed several people, including Frost who admitted to making up the story, Morris said.
Apparently Frost picked up a man she knew at the USA Travel Center convenience store in Eufaula on U.S. 431, and they rode around in her vehicle for close to five hours, Morris said.
Morris said drug usage was reportedly involved during the car ride, along with some consensual sexual contact before she dropped him off in Headland.

“She made it up to have an alibi for when she got home because she has a live-in boyfriend,” Morris said. “Law enforcement have enough legitimate cases to work. We just don’t have time to work bogus cases people make up, Therefore we’re going to ask for restitution in this case.”

Comment: Several of the usual hallmarks of a false rape claim are present here. The fear motive: the woman feared telling a loved one what she was really doing so she lied that she was raped.

The elaborate detail in describing the alleged rape: Imagine how difficult it would be to defend against such a credible story.

And finally the police chiding her for wasting their time: As per usual, there is no expressed concern about potential victims of false accusations.