Friday, May 23, 2008

But children don't lie, especially about rape, do they?

What can one say about this?

A teenage girl panics a community by conjuring up an imaginary rape. Thankfully no man was arrested because of her lie. People, especially children, lie for all manner of reasons. Yet it is fair to assert that the general public instinctively believed her prevarication. Another cautionary tale.

Here is the story:

Reported rape in Silver Spring Township prowler incident proved false

14-year-old female's report to TV station was questioned by police

By staff reports, May 22, 2008
Last updated: Thursday, May 22, 2008 4:03 PM EDT

A reported rape on ABC27 involving the prowler in Silver Spring Township was deemed to be false by Silver Spring Township police.

On May 16, a 14-year-old female reported to the TV station that she had been raped in January of this year by a man she believed to be the prowler, for whom police had notified residents to be on the lookout, according to police.

Police questioned the validity of the report since the incident was never reported to them, according to police.

After learning the girl’s identity, which was not released to the public, police interviewed her about the allegation, police say.

The female juvenile admitted that she was not raped as previously reported to the news media, although she still claims that she was confronted by the “prowler,” according to police.

The police department has determined that based upon interviewing the juvenile, something may have occurred, but there is no evidence other than her statement to substantiate it, police say.

No charges are being filed against the female juvenile.

Silver Spring Township Police Department will continue to search for the prowler suspect.

The police describe the subject as a while male between 5-foot-7 and 6-foot tall, weighing 150 to 175 pounds.

Most of the complaints involved the subject peering into windows, according to police. He has been spotted in the following developments: Mulberry Crossing, Walnut Point Phase I and II, Trindle Springs, Silver Meadows, Stone Crest, North Road, South Road, Rife Drive and Longview Drive.