Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Judge to false rape accuser: 'You are a danger to young men in this area'

In the news story below, even though the false rape accuser received no jail time (and we have yet another case where a false rape accuser serves less jail time than her victim), we nevertheless finally find a judge who says what every faithful reader of this blog knows about false rape accusers: they are a danger to young men.

Finally, here is a judge who understands that the primary victims of false rape claims are not the hypothetical, phantom, possible, could-be, even unborn rape victims who might be, possibly will be, may be dissuaded by such lies from coming forward.

Here is a judge who understands that the primary victims of false rape claims are the men and boys who actually are at risk of being arrested based on a lie.

Actual rape victims who might be dissuaded from coming forward are also victims -- but secondary victims.


Rape claim woman 'is a danger to men'

By Ruth Scammell
A woman who cried rape after a date has been told by a judge she was 'a danger to young men'.

Emma Deamer made the false allegation against Jamie Winter following an argument.

The couple had met at Cosham railway station after exchanging text messages and went back to Mr Winter's flat where they had sex.

But Deamer flew into a rage when Mr Winter went downstairs and chatted to his flatmate shortly afterwards.

She stormed out of the flat and went to the police and accused him of rape.

Deamer claimed that Mr Winter, from Cosham, was a stranger and that she had never met him before.

He was arrested but was released on bail that same day and was never charged.

Deamer, 20, later admitted she had lied to the police and had given her consent for sex.

CCTV footage from the railway station also showed Deamer leaving the station arm-in-arm with Mr Winter on March 21 last year.

At Portsmouth Crown Court, she was spared jail. Instead, she was given a two-year suspended sentence and a 12-month supervision order.

The court heard how Deamer, from Worthing, has a history of health problems and also suffers from ADHD.

At the time of the allegation she was struggling with post-natal depression after the birth of her first child. She was heavily pregnant with her second child at the time of the sentencing.

Deamer pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice on August 28 this year.

Judge Stephen Parish said: 'What you did was a terrible thing. You made a false allegation of rape and that resulted in an innocent man being arrested.

'You are a danger to young men in this area.

'Should you do this sort of thing again you will go to prison.'

Link: http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/Rape-claim-woman-39is-a.4726319.jp