Wednesday, March 4, 2009

False testimony leads to dismissal of Coolbaugh sexual assault case

Comment: Read the following story and ask yourself: why won't the girls be charged? And why aren't the names of the accusers splashed all over the news the way the names of the accuseds' were? How will false accusers be deterred if they won't be punished? How is this at all fair to the boys? These charges have been hanging over the boys' heads for a year, and in fact, the boys were in custody right up until the girls admitted they lied about a matter material to the case -- that means important to the rape charge. And nothing happens to them? Come again? What exactly was the "material" matter? It had to be something important as to the rape. Falsely testifying as to a material matter casts grave doubt on the claims, and it certainly is fair to say they could be false accusers.


False testimony leads to dismissal of Coolbaugh sexual assault case

Five young men have been vindicated of sexual assault charges after two teenage girls admitted to testifying falsely under oath, the District Attorney’s Office said today.

The charges, which would have gone to trial this week, stem from an incident last February in Pocono Farms East, Coolbaugh Township. Accused were Kasheen Thomas, 21, William Spiess, 19, Jose Lacen, 18, and Jaleel Holden and Gene Thomas II (Kasheen’s younger brother), both 17, all of Tobyhanna.

The girls said they went to meet two of the five defendants and were then driven to Lacen’s home in Pocono Farms East, where they were assaulted. One girl said Lacen held a knife to her throat during the ordeal.

The charges were dismissed last week because the girls “admitted to testifying falsely under oath on a material matter,” according to court records. The District Attorney’s Office said today that it does not plan to file perjury charges in this case, declining to comment further.

Defense attorneys said they, their clients and their clients' families are happy and relieved that the case has been dismissed. All five former defendants have been released from Monroe County Correctional Facility.