Friday, March 6, 2009

Police say woman made false sex assault claim

Not only did Jannell Schaecher try to not pay for an 120 mile ride, she accused the cab driver a sexual assault. Of course, according to her, it was all just "a misunderstanding."

Woman arrested after false claim

PORTSMOUTH — A month after her arrest on a charge alleging she failed to pay a cabbie for a 120-mile ride, Jannell Schaecher is charged with falsely accusing the same cabbie of sexual assault.

Schaecher, 25, of 263 Rockland St. (the Portsmouth Apartments), was arrested Tuesday on a warrant for a Class A misdemeanor count of making a false report to law enforcement. Lt. Corey MacDonald said the charge alleges Schaecher lied when she told police the cab driver sexually assaulted her during a Jan. 11 trip to and from Lawrence, Mass.

Schaecher was arrested in January on a Class A misdemeanor count of theft of services, alleging that when the cabbie brought her back to Portsmouth, she said she was going inside to get cash payment, but never returned.

Police allege she was intoxicated at the time, while Schaecher described it as "a misunderstanding." She is currently free on personal recognizance bail and no arraignment date is immediately available.