Friday, April 17, 2009

Amanda Baynton charged for false rape claim

To hide an alleged incident of domestic violence, Amanda Baynton, in collusion with her soon-to-be ex-husband, filed a false rape report so he wouldn't go to jail. The lengths to which some will go to avoid trouble are astounding. But how long before we hear: "He convinced her to file the report so he wouldn't go to jail," or "he forced her to file this report. It's his fault." My guess . . . not long.

Woman charged for false rape claim.

OCALA - A 21-year-old Ocala woman who told police a man held her at gunpoint, took her to her apartment and raped her was arrested Monday and charged with false report of a crime.

In late October, Amanda Baynton claimed she was at her Oakhurst apartment and that when she went outside to retrieve something from her vehicle she felt an object pushing on her back, according to police. She claimed a man with a Hispanic accent told her it was a gun and that if she screamed he would kill her and her child.

Baynton told police the man took her back to her apartment, hit her in the face with his hand and raped her.

Investigating the case, Ocala police Detective Michael Green discovered inconsistencies with the woman's story. Green saw Baynton at the Marion County Courthouse during her divorce hearing Monday and asked if she could come to the police department for further questioning.

At the station, Green confronted Baynton with her story, and the woman told the official she made it up. She said she and her husband, Derek Baynton, were arguing when he reportedly hit her in the face. Thinking he may go to jail, the woman said both of them made up the rape story.

Amanda Baynton was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. Officers will check with the State Attorney's Office to determine whether they will pursue any charges against her husband.