Monday, April 20, 2009

Feminist tells women to stop viewing men as "dogs"

The Op/Ed Editor of the Mount Holyoke News, an admitted feminist, describes what she believes is the majority view about men held by women: "I believe most women . . . harshly criticize [men's] behavior. They view men as unemotional, heartless beings that take advantage of women and hurt them by not being able to keep their jocks in their pants."

"Most" women believe this? Astounding.

She speaks up in our defense: "We cannot assume that all men only want to have sex with women and disrespect them in doing so, when there are so many of us who do not know how to treat men and have hurt them by taking advantage of them."

Read this next part carefully: "I just do not agree that all men are what we as women call them" -- now what do you think they call us? "Dogs."

Did you get that? Dogs. In 2009, a feminist writer has the courage to admit that women think men are dogs.

She continues: "I cannot assert that all men are a certain way from the few men I have come across. We as women should not blame all men. We should give them some credit."

I agree with her bottom line, but am simply stunned that this woman appears to be speaking on behalf of women in general of her generation.

Is it a stretch to assume that one of the reasons false rape accusations against young men are so readily believed? "Of course he must have done it -- after all, he's a dog."