Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another collegian falsely cries rape; again she is not charged, and she retains her anonymity in the press

Comment: These cases start to take on a cutter-cookie redundancy, do they not? In the news story below, another college woman falsely cried rape, and another district attorney is not sure if she should be charged with a crime (despite the fact she committed one), and another news report cloaks s false rape accuser in anonymity. This time it happened at prestigious Haverford College on Philadelphia's Main Line. If a male classmate had raped a woman, there'd be no question about charging him or about naming him in the newspaper, of course. But, hey, that's guys. False reporting of rape is treated as a non-crime, a nuisance to police, and often a cry for help of the false accuser. The false accuser is commonly regarded as more a victim than a criminal. Never mind that such false rape claims often end up targeting innocent males, who are sometimes arrested and put on trial and, yes, sometimes even convicted. When false rape accusers are permitted to lie with impunity that a specific or even an imaginary male raped them, it only emboldens other young double-Y chromosome liars to claim they've been raped, too.


Police say collegian's rape report was false

HAVERFORD, Pa. - Police say a student at Haverford College in suburban Philadelphia made a false report that she had been raped.

Haverford Township police Sgt. Daniel Wallower said Wednesday that police are working with the Delaware County district attorney to determine if the woman should be charged with a crime.

Two passers-by found the 18-year-old woman crying for help Monday afternoon and alerted police. She told police that the man who attacked her had a gun and she passed out during the attack. She said he was gone when she came to.

Police say the woman fabricated evidence in the secluded wooded area where she claimed the attack happened.