Monday, May 18, 2009

False rape accuser continues to abuse her victim

As you read about this criminal case, in your mind, reverse the genders of the parties involved and ask yourself if the court and the newspaper would be reacting to this story in the same manner. My guess is that the newspaper and the court would be treating this story as a case of domestic abuse where the abused party is, for some reason, unable to leave the person abusing her and evens blames herself for the abuse. That's exactly how this story looks to me -- except (and it's a big "except") that the abused party is male. And that, of course, makes all the difference in the world, even though it shouldn't. No such victim status is bestowed on him, solely because he was born with a Y-chromosome. You be the judge.

We previously reported on the case of Adelyn Marden, a young woman who falsely accused her boyfriend of rape and had him arrested. She put him through the agony of a false rape ordeal for three full weeks until she finally recanted and admitted that she did it because she was angry at him, and angry at men in general. At the time, we said she might just be the ultimate male basher because, of course, there is no better way to destroy a male than to falsely accuse him of rape.

As is typical in these cases, the false accuser served no jail time and was given a suspended sentence for her crime. You'll see as you keep reading below, that really helped a lot.

Well, she's back in trouble with the law. According to the most recent news story, she continued her relationship with the man she falsely accused of rape (remember what I wrote above -- how would this be treated if the genders were reversed?). According to a prosecutor: "In the early hours of Christmas Eve she sent a string of text messages to Mr Smith [the boyfriend she had previously falsely accused]. One urged him to get up, and as he went downstairs he heard the window of his Nissan car shatter."

But Mr Smith declined to press charges against Marsden. According to the latest news report, he said "that both he and her were at fault over the incident." The news report doesn't explain what he meant. Ms. Marsden's attorney, Penny Moreland, even took a shot at Mr. Smith: "She is in a relationship that everyone but her can see is doing her no good." Again, there is no explanation about what she meant. Ms. Marden's attorney told the court: "I have a letter from Mr Smith in which he says he forgives her and he still sees a future together for the pair of them."

So what does the court do? Why, it gives her yet another sentence without jail time, of course. We saw what good that did the last time. "The Recorder, Mr Peter Johnson, sentenced Marsden to a 24-month supervision order. The recorder told her: 'I am not going to activate the suspended sentence today, but you must realise any further offending and you will be in danger of going straight to custody. All your mitigation today will have been used up and the court may have little alternative."

That will teach her! She's given license to repeatedly hurt a man, and every time she does she's warned, "If you do one more bad thing, you're really go to be sorry! This time I mean it!" When criminals have good reason to suspect that they won't be punished for their actions, the entire concept of criminal deterrence is hijacked.

But if you reversed the genders in this case, the man would be imprisoned for a significant amount of time, and the newspaper would be quoting a domestic abuse expert who would say something to the effect that "an abuser’s apologies and loving gestures in between the episodes of abuse can make it difficult to leave," and that it's extremely common for the abused party to resort to self-blaming for the abuser's misconduct.

But you won't read any of that in this story, or any others like it. After all, what's so bad about a false rape claim anyway? Isn't it true that "men who are unjustly accused can sometimes gain from the experience"? Let's cut to the chase: men, as a class, simply aren't worthy of wearing the badge of victimhood -- especially if their abusers wear heels. It would upset the entire feminist victim metanarrative, which is the polestar in dictating how we are supposed to view even instances of grave injustice inflicted on men by women.