Friday, July 17, 2009

Policeman's daughter, Tracey Knowles denies false rape claim after sex

Shes the daughter of a police officer, who wasn't being 'serious' when it slipped out she was raped. And that joking around caused an innocent man to spend 22 hours in jail, and to have his reputation destroyed in the city he lives in, and his health has suffered as well.

Why? So her boyfriend wouldn't find out she cheated on him. Very nice.

Tracey Knowles cries rape, but it wasn't 'serious'.

A policeman's daughter who willingly took part in sex and bondage with a former boyfriend made a false rape claim against him the next morning, a court heard.

Tracey Knowles, 20, met Alex Warren, with whom she had once had a relationship, in a bar before the pair went to Mr Warren's house and had "some very uninhibited sex indeed".

The next morning, after leaving his house, Miss Knowles made the rape allegation to several people including her parents - who called the police.

Mr Warren was arrested and locked up for 22 hours by police investigating her bogus complaint, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Lisa Hennessy said played the jury part of Knowles' video interview with police. During the interview she said: "I got undressed into my underwear and went into the bed. I was going off to sleep when he seemed to get quite close to me. I didn't mind a cuddle but I didn't want to have sex with him because we were just friends. "

I said 'I don't want to have sex with you - I just want to be friends.'

She then claimed Mr Warren then used cable ties to fix her wrists to the bed before forcing himself on her. Ms Hennessy said: "Some very uninhibited sex indeed took place between them. It was a very experimental night where pretty much anything went. "

She was now in an awkward position becaus she had to account for that night to her then-boyfriend. "

She was also annoyed that the sex had failed to win back Mr Warren so we say she cooked up a story to cover herself and to gain revenge on him. "

The next evening she told her boyfriend that Mr Warren had raped her. The boyfriend went on 16 June and confronted Mr Warren, accusing him of rape. He was horrified. He contacted her on her Facebook page to find out what her boyfriend meant."

She replied denying that she had alleged rape - although later she said that "it might have slipped out but I was not being serious".

Miss Knowles had also told another friend she had been raped and gradally 'this rather squalid episide took on life of its own", Ms Hennessy said.

Miss Knowles, of South Cerney, near Cirencester, Glos, denies making a false allegation of rape between 15 and 18 June 2008 with intent to pervert the course of public justice. Mr Warren said he was shocked that evening when several CID officers with three cars and a police van turned up and arrested him for rape. He was held for almost a day. "

I was very stressed out after I was released," he said.

"All the neighbours knew I had been arrested. Cirencester is only a small town and everyone knows everyone's business.

"I was very upset."

He said he was prescribed sleeping pills by his doctor and signed off work for two weeks because of the stress.

The trial continues.