Monday, August 10, 2009

Girl makes false rape claim for revenge

Hey, ladies, has some male done something to you that you didn't like? Maybe he jilted you or cheated on you. Maybe he wasn't a lover but just a guy who was rude to you.

Want to screw with his life? I mean, give him the worst day of his entire existence? A day so bad, that it might make him at least consider suicide? A day that will haunt him forever, change how he views women and disrupt his eating and sleep habits?

Just cry rape.

Go ahead -- nothing bad will happen to you. Nobody will even know about it. And even if the worst happens, you won't be seriously punished for it. Cry rape, as loud as you can, with as much detail as possible.

That's what a nineteen-year-old woman in Tel Aviv did to a man she claims swore at her after she gave him a flower (don't ask for any more details -- that's all I know). According to the news report, the anonymous "girl" (the news article calls her a "girl") told police that she met the man over the Internet and agreed to pay him a visit in his Tel Aviv apartment.

Now get this: "Minutes after arriving, she had said, the man tried to force himself upon her, and after she pushed him away, he locked her up in a room and raped her."

Wow. These imaginary rapists work fast, don't they? He didn't waste any time with that romance nonsense -- he went right for the rape. But the clever girl "managed to escape after three days . . ., while the man was showering."

So what happened to the "rapist"? "Police arrested the man in his home after the girl filed a complaint against him, and he denied the allegations. After questioning the girl, detectives said that some of the things she had said didn't quite add up, and they called her back for a further session on Monday. There she admitted to making up the story, saying she did so because the man threw a flower she had given him back at her and swore at her."

So she was arrested and then, of course, released on bail.

He is damaged goods now because of her. All because she decided to teach him a lesson that he'll never forget. And because he's a male, she was able to pull it off -- deprive him of his liberty and put in fear of spending decades behind bars for an awful crime he didn't commit.

And because she's a female, whatever lesson she will be taught -- if any at all -- won't be nearly so memorable, I promise you that.