Monday, August 10, 2009

Sandstone woman, Ludusky Sue Hotchkiss, falsely cries rape after being accused of starving daughter, 10, to death

In an attempt to distract from the fact that she starved her 10 year old daughter to death, a woman cried she was raped. In this case, this woman appears to have some serious mental issues, for I can't see someone mentally balanced starving her child to death. However, using the false rape story to divert attention from that act of evil shows a decided clarity of mind and purpose. If found guilty, she should certainly spend some serious time in prison.

Ludusky Sue Hotchkiss claims rape to distract from death of daughter.

The disabled Pine County girl died after going from 47 to 31 pounds, the charges say.

A woman from Sandstone, Minn., has been charged with starving her 10-year-old developmentally disabled daughter to death.

The charges, filed Friday, grew out of a three-year investigation into a death that may have included the complicity of a health care aide and that involved a mother who a sheriff's deputy said had "no remorse."

Authorities found Lakesha Victor dead in her family's home in nearby Hinckley on Aug. 20, 2006, according to second-degree murder and manslaughter charges filed against her mother, Ludusky Sue Hotchkiss, in Pine County District Court.

"Deputy [Allen] Rensvold checked Lakesha and could see that she was whitish gray in color and her arms and legs were already very stiff," according to the charges' description of the call to the house in the summer of 2006. "Blood had pooled to the lowest parts of her body and the deputy knew that she was deceased."

Outside the home, Hotchkiss, 29, was crying and vomiting. When approached by authorities, she gave her daughter's name and birthdate. Then she "immediately" changed the subject, alleging that she had been raped the previous night, the criminal complaint said.

At one point, Hotchkiss pulled down her pants and asked a deputy if he could see bruises on her body. The deputy refused, noting that a female officer could examine her. At another point inside the home, Hotchkiss asked officers to stop their investigation into Lakesha's death so they could take pictures of her body where she thought she was bruised from a rape.

Pine County Chief Deputy Steve Ovick said that the rape allegation never amounted to anything and that it appeared to be an attempt to distract them from the investigation into Lakesha's death.

"There was no remorse there," Ovick said of Hotchkiss' behavior, adding that she was uncooperative throughout the long investigation.

Her first court appearance is Sept. 29, at which point she will be booked in the county jail.