Monday, September 14, 2009

Every report of rape is taken seriously . . . False rape claims? Don't count on it

Each and every report of rape, no matter how far-fetched or absurd, no matter how unsubstantiated, and no matter the cost to innocent men and boys, is taken seriously by police. Police go out of their way to assure everyone how seriously they take any and all allegations of rape.

In contrast, very, very few false rape claims -- even those claims that are proven to be false -- are taken seriously. False rape claims are generally taken seriously only when the goal is to protect the hypothetical, possible, theoretical, potential, unknown, phantom, even not-yet-born, victims of rape who could be, might be, possibly may be deterred from "coming forward" to report their rapes for fear of not being believed. What is the result of such a policy? A false rape culture. Here's an example of another wild goose chase rape claim that is, once more, taken very seriously:

Police investigate false report of rape in Sandhurst

September 07, 2009

A report of sexual assault in a Sandhurst Park is being investigated by police who believe it may be false.

Police received a report of a sexual assault in Snaprails Park off Rackstraw Road that had allegedly happened on Saturday, August 22.

The area was cordoned off and the allegation treated seriously but after making inquiries police concluded that no offence took place and are now investigating the incident as a false report.