Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feminist blog about False Rape Society: 'Why do these men HATE so much?'

Sigh. Another feminist site that is happily content to paint us as women-haters and to denigrate the victimization of the falsely accused by pretending they are "rare." Don't take my word for it. Visit her site.

Here's what she wrote (followed by my comment):

The Rare False Accusation Part 3

I am thinking about the comment, left yesterday--

"Would you care to furnish objectively verifiable stats on false rape claims, as I've done twice in the past several days, instead of positing self-righteous blather?

I thought not.

Pierce Harlan
False Rape Society"

And I'm wondering this:

Why do these men HATE so much? It is ironic that they are angry at women who are angry at men for committing so much rape. Now, I have never been a GROUP HATER-- that is, i don't know if it was the way i was raised or a biological/personality sort of thing, but as much as i deplore (and get sick over) the crimes of violence against women, children, and men, i have not found myself Hating Men (the usual perpetrators). And by the way, the Primary Source of violence against men is also from Men.

But on this False Accu Site i find that 1) they are mad at (and poke fun with degrading and insulting language) women, feminists, etc. for supposedly being man haters due to rape.2) Then they take up that mantle and decide to model that behavior; that is, to become women-haters because some small percentage of women have wronged them in an egregious way.3.they then expand the hatred to anyone who works to alleviate the circles of pain caused by sexual assault.

Sadly, I am sure there is a need for a good supportive, truthful, educational site about false accusations. Too bad this one is so draped and saturated with anger, bitterness, and bile. I guess most groups have to go through, like an immature child, the tantrums of Justice Denied. It is hard to stay honorable, peacefilled, grown-up and loving after being attacked, isn't it?

and let me restate:-- the reason false reports --rare as they are--are so HORRIBLE is that the CRIME is so horrible.

My comment:
In my experience, some rape feminists choose to paint our blog in the manner you suggest because they are offended by the facts that we have the temerity to point out. They are also offended that we have the audacity to stand up to one college newspaper after the next that parrot sexual assault counselors who suggest that false rape claims are a "myth." They don't dare argue facts with us, mind you. They know that's an argument they can't win. Some of them have publicly wished for me to be brutally raped. Most simply retreat to defamation, by labeling us misogynists -- you see, we MUST hate women, because we cite objectively verifiable fact that shows that -- HORRORS! -- some women do lie about rape. Ah, mustn't let the truth interfere with a good feminist victim metanarrative. So it's "You are evil, we are good, and that's the end of the discussion."

That sort of ham-handed rhetorical trick might work in high school, or in a Women's Studies class, but we are too weary, too jaded, and lightyears beyond that. All due respect.

I recently stirred up a hornet's nest on my blog (believe it or not, I get more angry mail from true misogynists than from radical feminists -- who, ahem, are too timid to write to me directly, most won't even link to me) when I revealed how much mail I get from actual rape victims who support what we do. Surprising? Not to me. Their primary enemies are -- you guessed it -- false rape accusers, and they know how much damage false accusers do to actual rape victims. Too bad feminist rape advocates don't seem to care about that at all (and I mean, not at all). Who'd have thunk it! The people most affected by rape don't buy into the politicization that rejects anything I have to say at my blog, merely because I say it. They hate rape, as do I, and they hate false rape accusers, as do I. Too bad the rape advocates couldn't care less about the latter.

I have no control over my commentators and do not tolerate painting an enttire gender in a negative light. Read my comments policy. "Women" are not false accusers; SOME women are. Just as "men" are not rapists; SOME men are.

But you are correct about one thing: we are in a war with a nasty strain of feminism that insists false rape claims are a myth, and we aren't happy about it. Too bad our opponents are content to spread half-truths and outright lies, and to paint us as something we are not, rather than deal with us honestly. Rather than debate facts. Rather than JOIN WITH US so we can all eradicate both rape AND false rape claims. I've made that offer repeatedly but no one has ever responded to me.

Helping rape victims is wonderful; fomenting false accusations by suggestion evey rape claim must be true (which means the male who was accused MUST be a rapist), and denigrating the victimization of the falsely accused by pretending they are a myth, are morally grotesque.

Pierce Harlan
March 6, 2010 3:38 PM