Friday, May 14, 2010

Fort Collins man who claimed to be victim of sexual assault charged with false reporting

The following post, is for all those who insist that we "must" be "misogynistic" because we advocate for the falsely accused.

The problem with that view is that although the vast majority of false allegations of rape are leveled by females against males, when we run across a story about a female being falsely accused or a male making a false accusation, we don't hesitate to publish it. And for this, we have been vilified by both sides of the debate (the recent uproar over the banner wording at the top of the page). But we really don't care about gender of the accuser or the accused; we care about eliminating the problem of false accusations of rape/sexual assault.

And once again, we see a false allegation used to try to get out of trouble. Go figure.

Colby Aplin arrested after false sexual assault allegation.

A Fort Collins man who claimed he was sexually assaulted Thursday by another man is now facing charges for false reporting.

Colby Aplin, 23, who is also a registered sex offender, was arrested on suspicion of false reporting following an incident where police investigated an allegation of sexual assault.

"As we continued our investigation into the incident it had been determined that the alleged victim, who is a registered sex offender, fabricated his story to avoid an early morning court appearance in Jefferson County for failure to register as a sex offender," Fort Collins police spokeswoman Rita Davis said.

The man Aplin claimed assaulted him, 31-year-old Brian Albrecht, of Fort Collins, is not being charged with any sex crimes. Davis said he is, however, being charged with violation of a restraining in connection to a third individual involved in the incident Thursday.

That third man was not arrested and does not face any pending charges, Davis said.

Albrecht was arrested Friday morning by several SWAT officers who were called to the 600 block of Mathews St. to assist with his arrest.

Davis said three men met at the Choice City Shots bar, 124 LaPorte St., and went back to an apart-ment of one of the men.

Aplin told officers he was then sexually assaulted by the apartment's resident. Aplin left the apartment and called for help.

But further investigation found the allegations to be a hoax.

"Things don't always develop as reported when we investigate," Davis said.

According to Colorado court records, Aplin has also been convicted in Weld County for failure to register as a sex offender.