Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If it was consensual, why are charges still pending?

Someone is really going to have to explain this one to me. If the sexual act was consensual, then how could there be any claim of rape, and why if it was consensual, would the investigation still be ongoing and charges possible? Something here smells really wrong. Any of our readers from this area that has an idea of what this is about?

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Rape, that isn't a rape, wasn't recanted.
Update, May 7:

On Thursday, Prince George's County police said a female student who reported being raped on the campus of Prince George's Community College had "ended up recanting the rape itself." Now, the police are recanting.

Capt. Misty Mints, one of the department's top spokespeople, said Friday the case is "still under investigation" and the woman "absolutely did not recant the rape."

"There was sexual contact that was consensual, but she is not recanting the fact that she was indeed raped," Mints said.

The suspect, she said, has been released, but charges are possible.

Officer Evan Baxter, another spokesman who told a reporter Thursday the woman "ended up recanting the rape itself," said Friday he did not remember saying that, and that such details of an investigation were "above my pay grade."

Mints said the situation was a "miscommunication."

Original Post, May 6:

Investigators with the Prince George’s County Police Department have determined that an alleged sexual assault on the Largo campus of Prince George’s Community College Wednesday was a consensual encounter, a police spokesman said Thursday.

Officer Evan Baxter, the spokesman, said investigators have released the man they had in custody for the incident without criminal charges.

The woman, whom college officials identified as a community college student, had told police Wednesday that she was sexually assaulted outside the Center for Advanced Technology. Baxter said the woman “ended up recanting the rape itself,” and she acknowledged the activity between her and the man was consensual.

Baxter said police had recovered some physical evidence during their investigation but he could not say what it was.

Link: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/crime-scene/matt-zapotosky/pr-georges-college-student-rec.html